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Wireless Charger 15W with alarm clock Wi-C006


Wireless Charger 15W with alarm clock Wi-C006

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Time Wireless Charger 2 in 1 wireless charger & alarm is a charger and alarm in one. It is designed for devices with a power requirement of up to 15 W.

You can charge your devices and use the alarm at the same time. It allows you to set the alarm clock independently. It has a convenient mirror screen with LED light digitals display.

The light of the device is soft and gives a nice night atmosphere effect.

Model: Wi-W015 Time Wireless Charger
Material: ABS + PC
Output: 15 W
Charging Port: Type-C
Weight: 455 g
LED Light: 5V-1A Max
Input: DC 5 V/3 A 9 V/2 A



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