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Swissten USB-C UK Travel Charger (25W White)


Swissten USB-C UK Travel Charger (25W Black)

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“The charger has a USB-C output port with Powerdelivery technology for both Apple and Super fast charging for Samsung, a fork for UK sockets and 25W output power. Packed in a SWISSTEN retail pack. Fast charging technology This charger features Powerdelivery fast charging technology for both Apple and Samsung smartphones, where it is called Super fast charging. It has Powerdelivery PDO charging formats, as well as the new Powerdelivery PPS, which is significantly more battery-friendly and thus extends battery life. Usage The charger is designed for countries with UK standard sockets. Specifications: Input: 100V-240V AC 1A, 50Hz-60Hz. USB-C Output: PDO 5V DC 3A or 9V DC 2.77A PPS 3.3V-5.9V DC 3A or 3.3-11V DC 2.25A Max power: 25w


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