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Roar Amber Case – for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Purple


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Matte back case with ring. It protects the delicate casing of the device from scratches and damage. Equipped with a special ring that makes it easy to watch movies in a horizontal position. Compatible with magnetic car holders. Made of one casting, it has an inner lining.

Made of the highest quality TPU; the flexible material facilitates the assembly / disassembly of the case and absorbs shocks during a fall. Integrated button covers made of flexible material maximize the comfort of working with the smartphone.

Matte texture shows anti-slip properties, so the case lies securely in the hand and reduces the risk of the phone slipping out of the hand. Moreover, it is easy to clean; just a little water is enough to remove any debris.

Retractable ring on the back ensures a secure grip of the device in any situation and allows you to set the phone in a horizontal position, which makes it easier to watch movies and photos. The ring can be rotated 360 degrees, compatible with magnetic holders.

Material: TPU



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