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HOCO wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone Lightning 8-pin L15 black


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A wireless microphone with a Lightning connector is a device that will help you make recordings both outdoors and indoors. The compact form and the ability to attach it to clothes make it suitable for vlogging, as well as conducting broadcasts or interviews.

Create reports and vlogs for social media, conduct broadcasts or talk to a guest as part of an interview. A wireless microphone with active noise reduction and clear, crisp sound will allow you to record high-quality audio materials only using your phone. Just connect the receiver with a 20 m range to the Lightning port and attach the microphones to your clothes using a clip. Plug installation & Play makes the device ready for use immediately after connecting it to the phone.

Range: up to 20 m
Connector: Lightning (receiver)
Battery capacity: 70 mAh (button battery)
Working time: up to 6 hours
Weight: 12 g



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