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HOCO mirror driving recorder LCD 4,5-inch dual-channel (front and back) DV4


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Hoco Driving DV4 car camera front + rear. Main camera with SC2336 sensor with a resolution of 2 million pixels, which records video in 1080P resolution at 30 frames per second, which allows for smooth and bright recordings, and a secondary rear-view camera which records video in 720P resolution at 30 frames per second, providing a clear and detailed image both while driving and parking. Additionally, a 4.5-inch IPS HD display allows you to constantly monitor the situation around the vehicle, and a wide viewing angle of 130 degrees provides a wide field of view. The installation takes place on the rear-view mirror.

The car camera is equipped with a 200 mAh battery, which ensures long-lasting operation of the device. Maximum support for memory cards up to 128 GB allows you to save many hours of recordings without the need to frequently replace data media. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, the camera is discreet and does not interfere with visibility while driving.

The driving recorder is easy to install on the existing rear-view mirror, which allows for quick and trouble-free installation. thanks to the included long cables of 3.5 m for the main camera and 5.5 m for the rear view camera. This allows cameras to be flexibly placed in optimal locations, ensuring the best possible viewing angles. Intuitive menu and easy operation make the video recorder an ideal solution for every driver. The device supports as many as 22 languages.

Main controller: JL5601A
Sensor: SC2336, 2 million pixels
Display: 4.5 inch IPS HD, screen resolution: 480×854
Video resolution: 1080P 30fps (main camera), 720P 30fps (rearview camera)
Main camera parameters: Aperture: F2.0, lens angle: 130°
Battery capacity: 200 mAh;
Memory card support: up to 128 GB
Dimensions: 350 × 74 × 32 mm
Weight: 722 g
Cable length: 3.5 m (main camera), 5.5 m (rearview camera)
Support 22 languages: Chinese, English, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Danish, Thai, Polish, Persian, Spanish, Malay, Greek, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Latin, Romanian, Hebrew, Burmese and Ukrainian



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