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HOCO indor camera Full HD D1


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Hoco D1 indoor camera, designed to ensure security and peace of mind in homes, offices and small shops. Equipped with advanced technology, the camera offers crystal clear images in Full HD resolution (2304×1296), support for two-way voice communication, as well as reliable night vision thanks to the infrared function. It is an intelligent monitoring solution that connects to a Wi-Fi network, allowing users to easily access live viewing from any place and device – smartphone or tablet.

Advanced image quality
The Hoco D1 camera is distinguished by an exceptional 3MP resolution, i.e. 13 million Full HD pixels (2304*1296), which guarantees a clear and detailed image. Thanks to digital WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology and 3D noise reduction, the image is always clear and distortion-free, regardless of lighting conditions. This makes monitoring even more effective and reliable.

Voice communication and night vision
Thanks to two-way voice communication, the Hoco D1 camera enables not only observation, but also communication with people within the camera’s range. This is particularly useful in situations where information needs to be conveyed quickly. The infrared night vision function ensures that monitoring is effective 24/7, offering high image quality even in complete darkness.

Mobility and ease of use
The unique double gimbal mechanism allows a wide range of camera movements: 355° horizontally and 110° vertically, which ensures almost full coverage of the monitored area without blind spots. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to easily and quickly connect the camera to your home network, and operation via mobile applications on iOS or Android devices offers convenient access to live viewing wherever you are.


  • Resolution: 3MP 13M, Full HD (2304×1296)
  • Voice communication: two-way
  • Image features: digital WDR, 3D noise reduction
  • Viewing angles: 355° horizontal, 110° vertical
  • Night vision: yes, infrared
  • Storage: support up to 128GB in TF card
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Dimensions: 72 × 72 × 109mm
  • Weight: 165g


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