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HOCO desktop microphone Mike L16 black


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The Hoco L16 desktop microphone is the perfect solution for everyone who is looking for high-quality sound and comfort when using a microphone. It is the perfect tool for a variety of uses such as streaming, meetings, live streaming and gaming.

The microphone offers excellent sound quality thanks to the 360-degree surround sound technology that allows you to record sound from all directions. The 180-degree tilt adjustment allows you to adjust the microphone to your preferences and ensure optimal recording quality.

Convenient and intuitive use of the microphone is provided by the on/off button, which is located on the housing and allows you to quickly control the state of the microphone. In addition, the microphone is equipped with a noise reduction function, thanks to which you will get clear and clear sound without unwanted interference.

The microphone can be connected to a computer, smartphone, tablet via a USB-C cable – USB-A / USB-C and 3.5 mm Mini Jack.

Connectors: USB-C, 3.5mm Mini Jack
Cable: USB-C – USB-A / USB-C
Size: 106 × 106 × 236.8 mm
Weight: 210 g



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