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HOCO car holder Platinum sharp air outlet in-car holder CA38 black


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A light, compact HOCO car holder mounted on a air-vent. Wide-range adjustable makes you can use it with 55mm-82mm (3.5-6 inch) smartphones and GPS devices. It allows convenient and safe use of the smartphone while traveling.

360° rotatable head allows you to set the phone in a preferred position. A strong suction cup with an additional clamp clip makes the holder firmly attached to the air vent.

The holder has elements stabilizing the phone on the arms and on the part of the handle adjacent to the back of the device.

The adjustable arm allows you to adjust the clamp of the holder to the size of the display. The holder supports devices with a screen size of 3.5-6”.

The holder is made of durable PC and PVC– lightweight and solid materials which offer
a comfortable touching experience. The aesthetic appearance makes the holder look good in your car’s interior.

Reach of the clamping arms: 55-82mm (3.5-6”)
Material: PC+PVC
Dimensions: 80*69*34mm
Weight: 41.6g
Box: Original HOCO box with eurohole



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