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HOCO active universal capacitive pen Smooth White


HOCO active universal capacitive pen Smooth White

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Use touch screens with the comfortable, precise Hoco  capacitive pen.


The pen with a sensitive tip allows you to work smoothly with touch screens in Apple devices (high compatibility with tablets from 2018). Its precise motion detection allows you to both create soft, detailed graphics and make it easier to play or use applications on the iPad. This pen can be used for about 14–16 hours, and a battery is fully charging for 25 minutes via the USB-C port. The built-in intelligent system prevents accidental touches and ensures that the pen turns off automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity.


Purpose: iPad 2018 and newer
Use time: 14–16 hours
Charging time: 25 minutes
Port: USB-C
Material: pen body aluminum alloy (can be replaced with the original nib of Apple Pen)



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