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Car holder for rearview mirror universal Clips


Car holder for rearview mirror universal Clips

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The universal car holder mounted on the rearview mirror or headrest is a great accessory for frequent car trips. The wide spacing of the arms guarantees compatibility with many devices, and the rotation of 360° allows adjustment according to individual needs.


Wide adjustment range! The handle has an adjustable angle of inclination, horizontal and vertical adjustment, and 360° which allows you to set the phone vertically or horizontally.


Adjustable arm spacing (50–100 mm) makes the holder suitable for the vast majority of smartphones.


The holder is mounted to the rearview mirror or to the car’s headrest. It can also be mounted at home against a countertop or shelf.


Mounting: clamps
Arm spacing: 50–100 mm
Mounting place: rearview mirror, headrest/countertop, shelf
Material: plastic
Dimensions: 14.6 × 5.5 × 2.6 cm



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