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BREEZY Case for SAMSUNG S22 blue


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The Breezy case is a solution that combines protection, functionality, and stylish design. It has been designed to ensure optimal air circulation, reducing the risk of the phone heating up. Thanks to the perforated pattern and high-quality plastic, the case protects the phone and does not thicken it, maintaining its slimness. It was made of a single casting, guaranteeing the camera island’s perfect fit and protection.

The perforated, one-piece Breezy case ensures optimal air circulation around the phone. Thanks to this, it prevents the device from heating up even during intensive use. Full protection of the camera island ensures that even these sensitive elements of the phone are properly protected against scratches, dust, or accidental damage.

Moreover, it allows you to maintain its original slimness and aesthetics. It was made of high-quality plastic with increased flexibility, which makes it easy to put on the phone and perfectly fit. The material – even before the casting – is dyed the proper color in the mass.



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